• May the Fourth

    Being cool in High School was exausting.

  • Christmas Chuck

    He has all the powers of Santa Claus, as long as Santa Claus’s powers solely involve negotiating disputes between management and union employees.

  • Commerce

    I sold some toys on ebay last year and I had the bright idea to include a quick sketch related to the item with each sale. I lasted 4 auctions before my ADHD told me to fuck off.

  • My Boys


    No Funny Joke, just the bestest boys.

  • Sketchbook update.

    Fuck the Haters

    Many years ago a “Bad Thing” happened and it really shat on my desire to make things. You can blame my therapist for my renewed creative desire.


    I’m sharing my first sketchbook this week. You can really tell which drawings I did first and last despite all the pages being mixed up. My skill might not be great, but I’m better than I was, and that makes me happy.


    I also added a few short comics. You will have to guess which ones because I’m tired of doing all the work in this relationship.

  • The one about the modron.

    This is my website. Perpetually under construction.